About Us

Osage Orchards was founded in 2014 by Ed Huxel and his son Jeff Huxel.  A fifteen acre farm was purchased in June of 2014 in Sanger, Texas.  Planting of Osage Orange trees began immediately.  To date approximately 50,000 have been planted.  Trees range in age from seedlings to six foot tall three year old trees.

Ed Huxel

Ed Huxel
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Ed was born in Cleveland and grew up in Chardon, Ohio. He has lived in Fort Worth, Texas for the last 35 years.  Ed has spent his career consulting food manufacturers on food science and technology.

Ed has his Bachelors of Science from Ohio State University in food technology, a Masters from Oregon State University in food science and a Masters from University of California, Davis in agricultural and food engineering.



Jeff HuxelJeff Huxel

Jeff grew up learning from his dad the science of agriculture and food technology. Jeff has spent his career as a computer chip designer and splits his time behind the computer and at the farm.

Jeff has his Bachelors of Science from University of Southern California in electrical engineering and his Masters from the University of Texas, Dallas in electrical engineering.



March 17, 2015- “4 Minutes with Edward Huxel, Co-owner, Osage Orange Bioproducts Company

July 12-16, 2016- Poster presentation at DOE’s Bioenergy 2016: Mobilizing the Bioeconomy through Innovation Conference